How To Make Money With Twitter

Twitter is a great way to get instant traffic to your website and this especially is the case if you produce interesting content that adds good value for the reader. If you take the time to write entertaining content with a creative hook then there is a good chance the post could potentially go viral if your promote it with Twitter.

Social Triggers.

It is widely believed that social triggers such as Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets and Google Plus One shares are now starting to have a significant impact on search engines. So for each piece of content that you produce and for each blog post that you write you are going to want to get a good number of Twitter tweets for both Twitter traffic and backlinks. The good news, is that it is easy to get people to tweet your blog posts. Twitter is somewhat less personal than Facebook so people are more open to sharing your links, and people who do not directly follow you often find the content via keywords they have asked to be alerted for.

TribePro Service.

In TribePro you add your RSS feed into the system and each blog post you write is automatically syndicated via OnlyWire to many social bookmarking accounts of real life people all over the world. This is natural social backlinking from a variety of marketers all around the world.

TribePro Twitter Marketing Tips.

There are around 50 services you can share your content to via OnlyWire. But as part of this Twitter marketing strategy we are mainly concerned with Twitter. With TribePro you choose to syndicate people and most of them will syndicate you back in return. The key is to click on their profile to see which places they syndicate to and only choose the people with Twitter on their list.

Twitter Hashtags.

Also be sure to put relevant hashtags into each tweet you do such as “Check out my new #InternetMarketing blog post on Twitter #Marketing”. That way people can find your content on Twitter based on these keywords even though they do not directly follow you. Twitter is a search engine in itself and you can take advantage of this in your Twitter marketing strategies.

Remember to keep on adding new subscribers to your Twitter account to increase the likelihood of people sharing your content. To do this choose to follow other business in your area and many of them will follow you back.

Regardless of how old a product is or what competition among other marketers your niche has there is always space for one more, the internet is a big place and there are millions of twitter users, so you will never run out of potential customers. Without a doubt this social network is one of the best places to practice your marketing strategies.




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